The intercultural mind

Connecting culture, cognition, and global living

BY: Joseph Shaules





Psychology/Social Science

"A fascinating and important book about understanding cross-culturalism. Lively, well-written, incisive, and fun to read." - Robert Whiting, Pulitzer Prize nominee and bestselling author of Tokyo Underworld

In this pioneering book, Joseph Shaules presents exciting new research from cultural psychology and neuroscience. It sheds light on the hidden influence of culture on the unconscious mind, and helps people get more out of their intercultural journeys.

The Intercultural Mind presents new perspectives on important questions such as: What is culture shock, and how does it affect us? Why are we blind to our own cultural conditioning? Can cultural differences be measured? What does it mean to have an international mindset?

Illustrated with a wealth of examples and memorable stories, The Intercultural Mind is a fascinating look at how intercultural experiences can transform the geography of our minds.