Success with asian names

A practical guide for business and everyday life

BY: Fiona S. Price





Business & Economics/Language

Have you ever wondered how to address people with Asian names in emails and letters? Had difficulty entering Asian names into databases? Been unsure how to pronounce an Asian name? Felt embarrassed and rude because of difficulty with Asian names?

In "Success with Asian Names", Fiona Swee-Lin Price, answers these and many more, providing practical help on how to manage the challenges of dealing with unfamiliar Asian naming customs. The first part of the book provides background information on Asian names, contrasting the languages and Asian culture from which they are derived with the language and cultures of English-speaking countries and looks at cultural differences in the way people view names, as well as explaining the different writing systems and name structures in Asia.

The second part provides detailed information on names from 14 specific Asian languages, with information on naming customs in a specific language, examples of typical names, how names from that culture might be Westernised and practical advice on pronunciation, how to address people and entering names into databases designed for Anglo-Saxon names data entry.

The third part helps identify the country of origin of a particular name and clarifies which languages are spoken in specific Asian countries.