Modern-day vikings

a practical guide to interacting with the swedes

BY: Christina Johansson Robinowitz, Lisa Werner Carr





History/Social Science

"This is the bible for anyone being transferred to Sweden!" - Magnus Moliteus, Executive Director, Invest in Sweden Agency

Modern-Day Vikings provides a window into what one world traveler called the most American of European countries: Sweden. Yet, surface similarities between the two nations conceal essential differences. Christina Robinowitz and Lisa Werner Carr provide insights and strategies for successful interactions with Swedes, whether business or social.

True to its title, Modern-Day Vikings traces some of Sweden's most ingrained cultural traits back to its Viking heritage: self-sufficiency, fairness, egalitarianism and democracy. The authors also examine Sweden's famous "cradle-to-grave" social model and explore the values underlying modern Swedish culture, such as lagom (moderation), the law of Jante (personal modesty), communication styles and business practices.