Conflict Across cultures

A unique experience of bridging differences

BY: Michelle Lebaron, Vanashri Pillay





Business & Economics/Social Science

"Remarkably readable, and even more valuable for its contribution to understanding the problems that underpin virtually every major conflict in the world today." - Ambassador John W. McDonald, Chairman, The Institute for Multi-Track Diplomacy

Cultural differences among members of any group - be it a multinational business team or an international family - are frequently the source of misunderstanding and can lead to conflict. With powerful techniques for resolving or at least reducing conflicts, scholars and teachers from around the globe demystify the intricate and important relationship between conflict and culture.

Stories, which are at the heart of the book, come from a wide variety of groups and locations, and they give sound counsel for all kinds of settings: business, law, government, non-governmental agencies, schools, communities and families. Conflict Across Cultures is written by a new generation of conflict resolution scholars from four parts of the world: Canada, South Africa, Japan and the US. They describe processes and help build the skills necessary for successful conflict resolution. Here is a new framework for understanding others - a map for making progress through differences that can otherwise overwhelm us. Conflict across Cultures offers hope in countering the view that differences must divide us.